Sustainable development and the enhancement of natural, historical and cultural sites are the main purposes of florinnovation srls. Our ambition is to use and apply creativity and research to conceive and test the feasibility of environmentally friendly future scenarios, as well as to develop the tools, operating strategies and services used by companies who want to become "businesses of the future".
florinnovation srls is seeking in the present, the traces of a sustainable future, to intercept and develop the most creative business ideas in order to bring together the energies and skills most qualified and sensitive to manage resources, to minimize waste and consumption and capable of ensuring quality works. For this purpose, we plan to use all possible synergies supported by the use of new communication technologies: to create a European and international multidisciplinary team, consisting of young technicians who enthusiastically face the challenges that the modern world poses. Young people who have a feel for research and willing to take part in the project and commited to contributing to innovation in architecture and sustainable green energy, through communication and interactivity with the virtual world, in order to develop projects to be submitted to both the local and national governments or private companies.

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